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Home Is Where The Gang Is: OGs Back In The Gutter

Gang Gang from the Gutter!

Gutter Cat Gang community vibes are high as a pair of OG members recently rejoined the Gang.

Last week, Jay Bird (@jaybirdNFT) tweeted, "You can take the man out of the gutter, but you can't take the gutter out of the man! I am home! @GutterCatGang."

Then, yesterday, Steezy (@steezysloth) tweeted: "Happy to say that I am back in the @GutterCatGang! As a life long sports fan, this feels like home in Web3. Glad to be a part of the Gutter once again."

Jay Bird replied to Steezy's tweet, "100% agree that GCG feels like home in web3."

Steezy said, "The only mfs that will keep it a buck with you, can be a bit rough around the edges at time, but my close friends in the Gutter help keep me in check a ton in web3 and IRL and I'm looking forward to many more events in the future."

GCG are stoked to welcome these two prodigal Gang back, with tjones.eth (@TJonesEth) saying, "Let's go Steez! You're one of the main people who made me want to join the Gutter! Love the Marino jersey!"

And, cleanny.eth thedrycleaner.eth (@NyCleaner) celebrated Jay Bird's return tweeting, "I know Jodi bought like 10 cats but this has [me] more bullish than anything. Also we're building no matter what so that too."

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to Steezy and Jay Bird to find out what drew them back to the Gutter.

Steezy said, "I've enjoyed seeing some of the founders being more active in a genuinely organic fashion...I also have friends that I've known in this space and met IRL that are GCG lifers so it's nice to truly be back in the community with them."

@DrDicatrio sent him the Rat in exchange for "something they're cookin' up for Gutter sports' fans." He'll be supporting Dr. Leo and GCG team members build out the new Gutter Bets Club in the Collectors' Hub.

His Rat is #1900, an 8-trait, with White Fur, Green Glowing Eyes, Stubble Beard, Sicko Hat, Toothpick Mouth, Cheddar Necklace, Danny Boy Shirt, and Pink Background.

Steezy's "excited to...have a shot at building and elevating GCG as the preeminent sports project in Web3!"

Jay Bird rocks Cat #1286, a 5-trait OG Cat, with Bengal Tiger Fur, Green Glowing Eyes, Whiskers, a Puffer Jacket, and a Green Background.

He joined the Gang in late 2021, and found people who shared similar interests, which was "pretty dope, and that's why I fell in love with the gang." Jay Bird sees the GCG community "coming together," and believes that these "connections and relationships go further than money ever will." He said, "Gutter is home. I am just glad to have found that out before it was too late."

The Gutter Cat Gang is more than a cool NFT (and it IS that); it's home. The Gang's happy to welcome these two OGs back to the community, and can't wait to see what you contribute! Gang Gang!

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