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Hang With The Gang: Dr. Leo Hosts Live Grizzlies v Lakers Watch Party 4/28!

Gang Gang from the Gutter!

What's better than Netflix and chill? How 'bout Gutter and hoops?

The Gutter Cat Gang is getting their basketball and trash talk on this week during the NBA Playoffs, and you're all invited to join in the fun!

Dr. Leo (@DrDicatrio), who's building out the Gutter Bets Club with Steezy (@steezysloth), tweeted, "Tomorrow Night I know you are watching the game kicked back not doing too much. Come hang out, watch the game LIVE with me @GutterCatGang and let's chat hoops and see if the Grizz can send the Lakers home while sweating some bets @GutterBets."

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to Dr. Leo for more info on the Grizzlies v. Lakers Gutter watch party. He put this together as something fun for the Gang to do, and hopes people "actually show up!"

Although Gutter Bets "haven't crunched all the numbers," yet, Dr. Leo said Gang should head to "the Bets Discord channel, which is key for the alpha." Get after that free cheese, Gang!

Friday night's 4/28 game tips off at 10:30PM ET, and the Lakers are up 3 - 2 in the series. To get in on the party, go to, create a profile, and link your TV subscription to the site.

Get your favorite beverage(s) and party favors ready, and show TF up to hang out with Dr. Leo and talk hoops! Gang Gang!

Follow @guttercattimes for all things Gutter, all the time.

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