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Gutterzuki: GCG Artist Joubrel Creates Gutter x Azuki PFPs For The Gang!

This Gutter artist is spicing up the TL with his mash-ups of Gutter x Azuki art!

Joubrel (@iamMRJOUBREL) has been busy the past couple of days, creating re-imagined PFPs for the Gutter community.

Recently, Joubrel, who was inspired by the Azuki Elementals drop, tweeted, "If my @GutterCat Gang and @Azuki had a baby." That tweet launched his "Gutterzuki" art!

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to Joubrel to find out more about his Gutter x Azuki inspired art.

He said, "My inspiration was the FUD on the Elemental drop and how the traits looked similar to the original collection. I wanted to put my own spin to that with my Gutter assets. Using my Andy Cathol, I made the first one and dropped it in the Andy Cathol collection."

Joubrel added, "The homies saw what I made and started asking for some of their own assets to be transformed. So the Gutter x Azuki fusion started or aka Gutterzuki." Check out Joubrel's re-envisioned Andy Cathol below:

The Gutter community has been showing off Joubrel's Gutterzuki fusions on the TL, with well-known GCG artist W0rmiOo sharing, "The only flannel merch hat Gutterzuki."

Tork Penderloin tweeted, "well this is dope AF, couldn't be more thrilled with the results :) massive shoutout to @iamMRJOUBREL for providing the goods. the man simply doesn't miss."

Joubrel told the GCT, "I'm blessed to have a lot of folks reaching out to have their assets transformed. There is no set amount in the collection - just having fun with it, which is the main reason the creative juices are full right now!

He shared, "I am accepting donations for my time and to cover gas to transfer to owners wallets. Let’s keep building and have fun at the same time!"

Gang MF Gang! Check out more of the Gutterzuki fusions that Joubrel cooked up below!

Gang community can reach out to Joubrel if you're interested in a Gutterzuki. Let's build and have fun.

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