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Gutter Votes: Hit The Polls For Your Favorite Puffer Jackets!

Gang Gang from the Gutter!

It's time to get to the polls, Gang: we've got a Puffer Jacket to vote for!

Yesterday, Gutter Arcade tweeted, "Puffer Fashion Showcase public voting is LIVE!!!! From now until 11:59pm PST March 31st to cast your vote for your favorite entries."

As the Gutter Cat Times reported, The Puffer Fashion Showcase launched in mid-March & was open to all communities. Artists were asked to "make a creative and original Puffer jacket design, place it on a Gutter species, post on Twitter, and tag @thepuffergang & #PufferFashionShowcase."

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to @Velcrafting (@vel.eth), a Gutter Arcade Founder and Developer, for additional information about the Showcase and voting.

Vel shared that "34 submissions made it to the Puffer voting room...We were not sure how many designs to expect initially but as the submission time frame progressed so did the caliber of competition!" He explained, "Those that tagged @thepuffergang and used #PufferFashionShowcase were identified." Then, they verified that submissions included or referenced a trait/property of a Gutter species.

All qualifying entries went into the Gutter Arcade Discord channel, and the Puffer Gang community narrowed the field to 10; they were asked to "pick something that resonates," and vote using a star. Vel "noted all star counts," and took the top 10. He said, "when I was going to cast my vote, I was able to pick my favorite 3 fast, but 4 and 5? Very, very tough decision. I think I spent 20+ minutes thinking about which one I'd wear. That's so exciting!"

Now, it's the whole Gang's turn to vote and choose their 5 top designs. Just go to to cast your vote!

J3sse (@b3ermoney), whose design is included in the top 10, tweeted, "Incredible stuff being created by the gutter fam."

LegCap (@Leg_Cap) added, "All talent up in this MF! Gutter goes hard! Tried voting on mobile but couldn't - will try again. Gang Gang!"

The top 5 voted on by the Gang will go to the 4 judges, Alfredo Settimio, @zoe_legott, @RegularRuben, and @gutterikarlee.

The prizes for the top 3 winners include designs being produced as limited edition Puffer jackets and Greater Gutter Community Gold (GGCG) tokens.

Public voting ends Friday March 31st! Vel said, "Go cast your votes and talk about them on Twitter. Use #PufferFashionShowcase to share your favorites and help get these seen! All votes are significant!"

Get on it, Gang: Have fun hyping up your fav Puffer designs! Gang Gang!

The @guttercattimes will follow the Puffer Fashion Showcase and bring you more insights and information. Follow us on Twitter for all Gutter, all the time.

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