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Gutter Up: Join GFM Twitter Space Tonight With Gutter Dan!

Put the kids to bed, pour your favorite drink, and slide into spaces to hang with the Gang!

Tonight the Gutter Cat Gang's Co-Founder, Gutter Dan, will join the party on GFMs weekly Twitter Space with Bizz & Hawl3y at 8:30 PM ET!

As the Gutter Cat Times previously reported, Hawl3y recently tweeted, "Public service announcement. Gutter Dan on GFM Thu Jul 20 830p ET."

Today he added, "Friendly reminder to come hangout tonight..."

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to Hawl3y to see what the Gang might expect for tonight's space.

He said, "I’m excited to have Dan on our show! We had a chance to connect earlier this week, and I know I left feeling more energetic. Primarily, we want this show to be about checking in with Dan - what he wants to share is in his court."

"Our goal is to have him and the entire team back on a regularly recurring basis. Consider this as a start to something more!"

Be there tonight for the Gang Gang fun!

Follow @guttercattimes as we live-tweet highlights from the conversation!

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