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Gutter Mic Check: GCG Member eLBizzle Builds GFM & More!

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

This Gutter Cat Gang member is using his skillz to get the Gang and others hanging together in Twitter Spaces!

Many in the Gang know eLBizzle.eth (@ml_bizzle) as a Spaces host - both solo and with Hawl3y. This Cat's got his sights set on bringing news and vibes to the streetz of the Gutter and on the bright lights of more mainstream media!

The Gutter Cat Times spoke with Bizz to get the inside scoop on his GFM (Gutter FM) vibes, future plans, and how Gang can support and build alongside him.

Bizz said, "I'm looking to bring multiple communities together in a space that's a positive place for us to have fun and discuss things from the past week: sports, news, NFTs, and other things."

He told the Gutter Cat Times, " I'm hoping to have a positive impact and highlight objective viewpoints with as little bias as possible."

Join Bizz every Thursday night at 8:30pm ET for the GFM Space with Hawl3y to hang with the Gang! Bring your observations from the week and join in the conversation!

While GFM is central to his focus, Bizz told the GCT that at some point he's looking to develop a bigger media platform, Bizz Media.

His vision is "to create a platform for Twitter Spaces, articles, podcasts, and other community-curated content that also appeals to mainstream consumers. It's like a decentralized Barstool Sports," where the Gutter community could collaborate and build together.

Bizz shared, "I want to give all the content creators in Gutter a platform, 'cause the community is amazing and deserves it."

Can't wait to see what Bizz develops and how the Gutter Cat Gang community contributes!

for now, hop into GFM with Bizz & Hawl3y every Thursday at 8:30PM ET!

Plus, the Gutter Cat Times is sneaking in a "Congrats" to Bizz on the new addition to his IRL family! Gang Gang!

Follow us @guttercattimes on Twitter for more news from the Gutter.

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