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GUTTER 'TOONS: GCG Member SM👀THIE Is Creating An Animated Series! Find Out More Here:

The Gutter scene is getting a little 'toony, as this GCG member is creating an animated series featuring Gutter Cat Gang characters!

Yesterday, SM**THIE (@rughospital) tweeted, "14+ animated shorts now in production for a totally new @GutterCatGang animated series. Passes to join the cast and have your character animated in the series are still available from .2 eth…"

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to SM**THIE, who is a professional animator and digital artist, to find out more about the animated series and what the Gang can expect!

He said, "I’m building out 2D models for a series on animations. Already 5 Kingpins have purchased passes and I’ve invited everyone in the Gutter Creator community to join."

SM**THIE has been animating for about twenty years and has always been passionate about film and animation. He initially focused on special effects in independent movies and then grew interested in animated content. Check out a few of the current Gutter cast members for the upcoming animated series:

SM**THIE told the GCT, "My hope with this grassroots style community bootstrapped project is to create high quality content with Gutter's visionary creators that’s hilarious, meaningful, and inspiring to all web3 communities."

He added, "Also I wanna pump all our Gutter bags." Gang MF Gang!

The Gutter Cat Times will continue to follow Gutter's creators and bring news from the streets to the Gang! Follow along @guttercattimes for all things Gutter, all the time.

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