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GUTTER RELAXES: GCG Community Is Relaxing And Vibing After Gutter Dan's Tweet

While the Gutter is hot this week with speculation on the future of the project, many members of the community are relaxing at the recommendation of the Gutter Cat Gang's Co-Founder, Gutter Dan.

Last week, GCG member Noah made headlines around the Gutter after tweeting that he had made an offer to buy Gutter Labs' assets.

After Gutter Dan's post, many feisty felines caught the "Relax" vibe, and put on an Aaron Rodgers themed relax shirt and hat to show support for the Gang.

"Screw the red hat...just RELAX!" eLBizzle.eth tweeted yesterday, showing off his Cat wearing a baseball hat and Packers' football jersey with a picture of Aaron Rodgers.

The "Relax" outfits were created by the Gang's SM**THIE & RATMAN (@rughospital), a professional animator and digital artist who directed for Marvel!

SM**THIE & RATMAN told the Gutter Cat Times that he originally joined the Gang with a Clone, and "Now I’m kingpin with 7 Cats!"

He added, "I love the Gutter Cats and after the Art Basel week in Miami, I was hooked."

Check out the outfits he created below, with an edit by RoiiDz:

For Gang who'd like a "Relax" shirt and hat that SM**THIE & RATMAN created, he shared a Google Drive link to make them available to the community:

The Gutter Cat Times will continue to follow community creators and the relaxed vibes from the Gang. Follow us @guttercattimes on Twitter for all things Gang Gang all the time.

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