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Gutter Showdown: Myth Division Final Round Kicks Off!

Gang Gang from the Gutter!

The Gutter Cat Gang is gearing up for a showdown of epic proportions!

Tonight, on 4/17, @MythDivision - a physical and digital storytelling collection - tweeted: "It's time for the final showdown between @KingKhah & @r0seNY. Who is it going to be? Puffer vs Mutant. Winner takes a Myth Division Alpha Access Coin! And a 1/1 Myth Division Item."

The American Ape (@RamonGovea) - CEO of Myth Division - told the Gutter Cat Times, "the winner of the showdown will get a Myth Division Alpha Access Coin, which grants a non-exclusive licensing agreement for one NFT character from approved collections to be included in our comics and animations," among other products.

The Myth Division Alpha Access Coin price is currently .69 ETH, or $1,431,31, according to Open Sea data.

The face-off between r0seNY and AJ Khah (@KingKhah) will be a legendary matchup of two "top tier community members," according to Myth Division's tweet. As of this writing, there are 23 hours left to vote.

Since both AJ Khah and r0seNY are Gutter Cat Gang members, the Gutter Cat Times reached out to hear how they're feeling heading into the home stretch and what it would mean to win the Alpha Access Coin.

While AJ rocks his MAYC #3420 as a PFP, he's the proud owner of OG Dirty Bird #94, a 6-Trait bird with Green Cat Camo Fur, Green eyes, American bandana, Dirty Bird Shirt, Toothpick mouth, and a Pink background.

AJ's been in the Gang for just over a year, and joined because he was interested in the FCF (Fan Controlled Football) team operated by members of the GCG community. He, "instantly fell in love with the community and the overall vibe. Gutter Cat Gang supported its members."

He said that "winning the Alpha Access Coin would mean a lot." He's been passionate about comics since childhood, and has dreamed of creating a memorable character. AJ added, "Myth Division, in my opinion, is the leader in web3 comics...I think it will allow me to utilize the IP of my NFTs in a way that I only dreamed of as a child."

r0seNY, who joined the Gang in the fall of 2021, is coming off a recent Myth Division victory, having narrowly defeated @Lakoz_ in the semi-finals.

Leader of the the GCG's renowned Puffer Gang and a key member of the Gutter Arcade team, r0seNY shared in an earlier article that he's found a caring and dedicated community in the Puffers.

He said, "I'd love to win the Alpha Access Coin. That would get a 2nd Puffer into the MD universe, alongside Srini. That shows the power of Puffers and Gutter. We're a subcommunity inside of a project that everyone thinks is dead. Four rounds later this bird is still standing."

Good luck to both contenders, and Gang Gang!

The Gutter Cat Times will follow this story and bring updates to the Gang over the next 24-hours. Check out @guttercattimes for the latest.

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