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Fuck Around, Find Out: r0seNY Claims Gutter Victory

Gang Gang from the Gutter!

The Gutter Cat Gang and friends SHOWED TF UP today in a down-to-the-wire competition between @Lakoz_, who reps a Moonbirds NFT, and @r0seNY, from the renowned Puffer Gang!

Myth Division launched the contest yesterday with a tweet: "A match up of the ages!! @Lakoz_ vs. @r0seNY. It's Bird vs Bird. Hoot vs. Coo. Pixel vs. Puffer. Who will move on to the FINAL ROUND against @KingKhah for the coveted Gold Access Alpha Coin? Vote Below!!" The winner of the final round will be entered in to Myth Division lore.

When the voting launched, Lakoz.eth tweeted, "Good luck @r0seNY! Happy to go against a fellow GCG member."

Lakoz_ called on his communities - Moonbirds, y00ts, BAYC, and others - to cast their votes for him:

This morning, with the race tightening, the Gang took to Twitter to rally the community.

Vel.eth said, "Vote for pigeon, the superior bird. Puffer > Pixels. 2 hours left to vote."

Jay Bird tweeted, "if the other team is calling out their community..I'm calling out @GutterCatGang to go vote for one of the realest there is and support @r0seNY. Dude is absolute fucking legend. #GangGang

Closing in on the deadline to vote, with Lakoz_ and r0seNY almost evenly tied, safemoney.eth tweeted, "25 min left we need the whole @GutterCatGang on this one! LFG!"

With seconds to go, r0seNY pulled ahead, and the final vote count was 49.6% for Lakoz and 50.4% for r0seNY. A total of 965 votes were cast, according to the poll results.

r0seNY followed up with a congratulatory tweet, saying, "This is the power of community. Thanks for the great fight @Lakoz_! Maybe we can have a talk someday soon, so I can tell you about what @thepuffergang is all about. GangMFn Gang!!!!!"

After r0seNY's victory, the Gang celebrated the community's win. ilovethecats.eth said, "People ask why @GutterCatGang? This right here. Our community took a puffer with 4k followers and beat a moonbird with 22k followers. The gang symbol went up and we supported. Now with clubs we are seeing this community come together more than ever and I'm here for it."


The Gutter Cat Times reached out to r0seNY and Lakoz_ for their reactions following the vote.

Lakoz said, "Hats off to the Puffer crew. Goes to show how tight sub-communities can be and the power of rallying the troops." While Lakoz had people supporting him, he saw the Gang "made a last minute push to clinch the spot. Almost 1,000 people voted on it."

He added, "Great to see the community be that strong, even if GCG is going through some hard times (I'm a bag holder too) this sub community is clearly still tight and active in the space."

After the voting ended, Lakoz tweeted, "FAFO. Puffer Gang doesn't mess around. Congrats @r0seNY."

r0seNY told the Gutter Cat Times, "I had to look away for the last 30 minutes! He added, "A 'dead, dying, rugged,' and whatever else they want to call us Community shouldn't be able to go toe to toe with, let alone beat, a 'blue chip.' This is what community is all about. This isn't just a r0se win, this is a Community win."

Congrats to r0seNY and to the Gang and others that took him over the finish line! Gang MF Gang!

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