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Gutter Shenanigans: Myth Division Voting Gets Botted

Gang Gang from the Gutter!

Yesterday's final showdown for the Myth Division Alpha Access Coin made for a wild ride, as voting shenanigans prevented either @r0seNY or @KingKhah from claiming victory.

"In light of suspicious activity on both sides & without the tools for a sufficient & thorough investigation, we have no recourse but to disqualify both candidates and call this a double loss," Myth Division tweeted. "Two wrongs do not make a right. Both communities lost today. Official update tomorrow."

As the Gutter Cat Times reported earlier, Myth Division kicked off the showdown on 4/17, and planned for a 24-hour voting period.

The winner was expected to receive a "Myth Division Alpha Access Coin, granting a non-exclusive licensing agreement for one NFT character to be included in MD comics and animations."

Things got spicy with approximately 6 and 1/2 hours remaining to vote, as ben.gcg.eth shared a screen shot and tweet: "Hi @MythDivision - I believe your poll for the finals just got botted in favor of the MAYC guy. Two screenshots, 13 min apart."

With suspected foul play, Fogo (@FogoNFT), a Gutter and Puffer Gang ally, tweeted, "send me a link to a place that you can pay to do this and ill make sure @r0seNY 'has a good chance to win.'"

ben.gcg.eth replied, "I would like this to be resolved above the table but I appreciate your offer Fogo." He then added, "(Personally, r0se may have a different opinion)."

r0seNY responded "I'm not getting into a bidding war over what's supposed to be a community vote."

Shortly afterwards, the votes for r0seNY increased significantly:

As this drama unfolded, AJ Khah (@KingKhah) tweeted, "I wanted to personally bow out of the vote and sent a message to MD saying as such. It's not worth if to me to win if my character comes in to question."

ben.gcg.eth responded, "Respect homie, not accusing you of anything." And AJ replied, "No worries. Plus, it's getting a little outta hand. I don't think either me or r0seNY had anything to do with this."

The Gutter Cat Times spoke with Fogo, who had at least a little something to do with the shenanigans after ben.gcg.eth brought the botting to light.

Fogo said, "I just googled 'Buy twitter votes' and the first website popped up called social wick. I bought 1k votes for .004 eth lol." He shared the receipt below with the GCT:

Fogo explained, "I botted it because it was super close and then the dude jumped 400 votes in like 5 min, so I hit 'em with the counter." He added that a better decision "would be to run it on a medium that can’t be botted for $5."

In light of this botting plot twist, Myth Division's CEO told the Gutter Cat Times that he's "considering all options right now."

The Gutter Cat Times will follow this story and let readers know when - or if - another vote takes place. Stay tuned to all things Gutter @guttercattimes.

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