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Gutter's Long Game: Gutter Dan Indicates "Things Are In Motion"

Gang Gang on a fun-filled day in the Gutter!

Twitter Timelines have been active today with a steady Gutter buzz of both hype and fud on all things Gang.

As the community talks about the past and present, and speculates on the future, Gutter Dan recently dropped into Discord and told the verified cats that the Gang will continue to "get after it." He said, "As we grow bigger and work with bigger companies, things tend to move a little slower," but "there are always things in motion."

Gutter Dan added, "This shouldn't be confused with us not caring or not working. We'll keep delivering..."

As the Gutter Cat Times previously reported, in January's Gutter FM Twitter Space, Dan stated that the Gang has "had to be quiet for certain reasons, but no activations are off the table." This includes the $gang token.

During that Space, Gutter Dan also indicated that Spring will bring "two massive brand partnerships and be the best activation to date."

In a late January (1/22) Discord post (AKA: the We're Fucking Back post), Gutter Dan wrote to Kingpins and in the General Discord channel: "We are still absolutely 100% invested in this project. If the Gutter is a rug, then the web3 space is in big trouble." He added, "We'll see this through and weather the storm."

We are two months in to 2023. A storm is here, and the GCG team and community are in it.

2022 may give an indication of what's possible for 2023. Last year, the Gutter Cat Gang had numerous activations/partnerships, including the ones below. More can be found on the Website (

  • D1 and D2 Gutter Juice and clone machine launch for Cats, Rats, Dogs, and Pigeons

  • Stapleverse x Gutter merch

  • Sandbox x Gutter voxel avatars for the Gutter community

  • GutterCon in Las Vegas with complimentary events

  • ESPN Commercial

  • A Gutter Cat Gang Team in TBT (The Basketball Tournament)

  • featured in a Shopify Commercial

  • partnerships with @Puma, @Jugrnaut, and @stadiumgoods

  • Gutter Kicks on NBA players Lamelo Ball and Malik Beasley

The Gutter Cat Times will follow any and all 2023 activations. Follow us @guttercattimes on Twitter. Gang Gang!

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