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Gutter Records' Rolls The Dice: Check Out Part III Of The Story GCG Members Are Spinning

The beats don't stop at Gutter Records, as the team keeps dropping tales from the streets.

Over the past couple of weeks, as The Gutter Cat Times has reported, Gutter Records has tweeted parts I and II of a connected story: "Walk With Me," and "First of all, I'd like to thank my connect."

"Walk With Me," shared how Cleaner and AWeezy each "took separate paths in life," while "respecting each other's hustles." The second story built off of the first and took inspiration from Jay-Z's song, Roc Boys (And The Winner Is).

This latest tale, "Life is like a dice game," is a 1 min and 1 second continuation about Cleaner and AWeezy's story that fades into lyrics from 50 Cent, Many Men (Wish Death). Check the link to hear AWeezy's story, and see the full text below:

Part III of the story AWeezy tells goes like this:

"As for me, they call me Weezy

I always had an angel and a devil sitting on each side of my shoulder playing mind games.

I just so happened to listen to the devil much more often than the angel

I been the number one street runner for years

That's what got me jammed up

I coulda been a doctor or a lawyer. Instead I got addicted to that fast cash.

While Cleaner was busy monopolizing real estate and meeting with executives,

I was out running and gunning with a team of shooters and drug dealers

Living this life style I have to move different knowing every day the price on my head is steadily increasing.

As crazy as it seems, I didn't choose this life, this life chose me.

(Fade to 50 Cent: Many men wish death upon me...")

As the Gutter Cat Times reported earlier, Gutter Records launched in August, and are creating content from music to podcasts and other digital media ventures; they're working to connect artists and audiences in dynamic new ways. The core team is Cleaner, Aweezy, and GutterBeats, with other Gutter talent contributing as well.

AWeezy told the GCT that Gutter Records' was just getting started, and they're "going to deliver a story, visuals, and music consistently throughout this process."

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