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GUTTER PICK GOES LIVE!: Play GCG's New Game For A Chance To Win Up To 100k Gutter Chips!

Get your gaming on, Gang!

The Gutter Cat Gang has added another game to its Gutter Grab site, so the community can feed their gutter gambling degen!

"If you didn’t already know, Gutter Pick is LIVE. Play 10K Gutter Chips for the chance to win up to 100K Gutter Chips! Each time you win, and share your results, you enter the Gutter Chip lottery worth 5,000,000 Gutter Chips. Start playing at $GANG," Yugen tweeted yesterday, linking to the site.

As the Gutter Cat Times reported earlier, Yugen first hinted at Gutter's GameFi/GambleFi developments on May 19th in a Discord announcement.

At that time, he said that GutterPick is a game "where you buy a box with your GutterChips and there is a chance of different amount of GutterChips in those boxes."

 Yugen added, "Any user will be able to participate in these games as GutterChips are valueless and you will be able to play as much as you want. Leaderboard will show everyone’s wins and losses, LFGamble." See below for the May 19th Discord announcement:

After Gutter Pick went live on 6/26, the Gutter community jumped in to play, with Gang members shouting out their wins and losses on the TL:

However, in an unanticipated plot twist, Yugen hit the Discord this morning at 7:10AM ET to share that he'd made an error in the game: "The odds / math on the GutterPick game was wrong / incorrect," he explained.

Yugen added that he and the team "are reverting the scoreboard / leaderboard to before GutterPick went live," and have "re-engineered the game."

With candor, he said: "This was my fuck up, will make it right. Those that played today will be compensated for their time. Updates to follow."

GCT will bring you updates on this story, so stay tuned for additional information from the Gutter.

Follow along @guttercattimes for all things Gutter, all the time.

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