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Vote Today For Gutter 2.0 Server Sticker!

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

Gang Gang, and today's the last day to get your vote on!

As the Gutter Cat Times reported yesterday, Gutter Muscle @Stoniphantom put a call out to all GCG artists and creators to design a Gutter 2.0 sticker for the Gang's server:

Today, 1/15/2023, @Stoni's pinned Tweet shares four options created by GCG members: TJSART.ETH, Joubrel, naxeesi.eth GutterVato, and W0rmiOo.eth. As of this writing, the Gang has 1 hour left to vote for their favorite sticker!

The Gutter Cat Times will be covering this breaking news as votes come in and encourages all GCG members to get your vote on. Good luck to the gutter artists! Follow @guttercattimes to stay informed.

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