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Gutter Hub Updates: New Features Added!

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

Gang Gang! The heat keeps coming from the Gutter Cat Gang!

On the heels of last night's Twitter Space, @gutterbt dropped an announcement in the GCG Discord today to share updates about the Gutter Collectors Hub; the same announcement was also shared on the GCG's Twitter, @GutterCatGang.

New features include: credentials; the ability to link multiple wallets; new graph and world map views, and the ability for community members to:

  • hover over species on Collections to reveal the lineage

  • download Gutter Cats, OGs, and Clones as cutouts

  • profiles that include Full Sets, Trilogies & a set customizer

Community members are stoked about the Hub. Bolty (@ashley_boulter) tweeted, "Wow, I wasn't expecting to see this so quickly. Great work team! Gang Gang!"

Others are setting up their profiles and sharing screenshots of their Credentials. A few members of the Gang like 3thirty3.eth (@3thirty3tv) and Mr$liM (@Slim4President) highlighted Gutter Kingpin status:

While the GCG community is getting busy jumping into a more gamified Collectors' Hub experience, Gutter Dan took to Twitter to remind members about the Gutter's greater vision and reiterate messages from last night's Twitter Spaces. He tweeted, "The Gutter is on its way to mainstream adoption" and pointed to

  • brand partnerships

  • next-gen products

  • gamified experiences

  • interactive storytelling

  • an ecosystem built around creators and collectors

Remember that last night's Twitter Spaces' conversation hinted at credentials that "reward people for showing up and showing out." Make sure to get set up on the Gutter Collectors Hub! @guttercattimes will continue to provide updates on new features as they become available. Gang Gang!

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