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Gutter Hold 'Em: Get In On The Action This Thursday, 4/13

Gang Gang from the Gutter!

The Gang is gearing up for a classic Texas Hold 'Em Poker Tourney this week, and inviting Gutter Cat Gang members to get in on the action.

Yesterday, Dr. Leo tweeted, "Poker Tournament Thursday Night! This will be taking place on ClubGG (ID:233380). Registration is open now until 10 minutes after 8PM EST on the 13th! Join the group now so you don't have to rush last minute."

Gang can head to the App, ClubGG, download to your phone or computer, and play for free. Just search for "GCG Poker" using Club ID: 233380. You'll see the image below, and can click a link to "Join." Doc will then give members access to the tourney.

The Gutter Cat Times connected with philly.puffergang.eth (@Phillythereum) about the Poker Tournament, since he's a volunteer moderator and collaborating with Doc to set this up for the Gang.

Philly said, "This is a classic Texas Hold 'Em tourney, with blinds increasing incrementally based on time at the table." It's open to all GCG holders, and a great opportunity for "clones, juice, species, and OGs to hang out..." He added that it's not about floor price or ETH talk, and just a chance to "relax and have fun!"

As Gang know, the Gutter Cat Gang has expanded its Gutter Clubs, and Philly said he's looking to "build community relationships by hanging at a poker table and enjoying a friendly tourney." The goal of poker nights, he added, "is to get people engaged and have a great time at the tables." The only thing at stake is your Gang pride!

Kick-off is at 8PM EST on Thursday, April 13th, so download the App and register in advance.

Get your poker face on, grab your favorite beverage or smoke, and join the Gang for some cards and community vibes! Gang Gang!

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