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Gutter Grit: @GutterSkelly's Hustle from Gnarly Vial to OG Cat

What makes someone join a gang? Not just any gang, but the Gutter Cat Gang, a "Next-gen lifestyle brand inspired by fashion, sports and gaming." For @GutterSkelly, it was a "gnarly looking vial" that he came across while scrolling on his newly created Twitter feed. The tweet he saw was by Gutter Muscle, @Stoniphantom.

@GutterSkelly said, "I'm into sports, culture, and a self-proclaimed Web3/NFT enthusiast. Right off the bat the @GutterCatGang checked off all of the boxes that made NFTs make sense to me." Plus, the GCG art was "dope."

He jumped in a few Spaces, joined the GCG Discord, and became more familiar with the gang and "how everyone interacts with each other." @GutterSkelly "knew that the GCG was the place to be."

Back to that gnarly vial. "The GCG juices were a great first step into the Gutter," said GutterSkelly. After collecting a few Rat DNA juices, he went to the "Lab," the Gutter's DNA Clone Machine, and put together a full clone set - Hawaiian shirts with yellow backgrounds.

That trilogy positioned him to make a "package trade" for an OG Pigeon. It also took him deeper into the Gutter.

That initial trade for an OG Pigeon led to an Emperor OG Rat, which he also "created into a trilogy." His hustle and Gutter grit has paid off: he flipped up to his first cat, #1529, and then traded for his "personal Grail," #36, which he rocks today.

For @GutterSkelly, "being a part of the GCG has opened doors to new friendships in web3 and IRL that otherwise would never have happened." The Gang is about "interacting with and supporting the community and GCG with positive vibes."

While he's seen "ups and downs" in GCG, he sees them as "family" and is here for "the long haul." Although $Gang was delayed, he still has "Gutter faith" that "the GCG founders and muscle have the holders' best interest to 'Make Gutter Great Again.'" He added, "I believe it's a good time to accumulate GCG assets."

Looking ahead, @GutterSkelly hopes that 2023 will include announcements and activations that "revolve around big brand names" and "collabs with athletes and sports teams."

He's interested in the Gang's IRL utility via events for GCG holders, and is looking forward to "the upcoming GCG Dallas event hosted by @Molbert_1 and @hbarbacoatacos," fellow community members. The event includes "a custom brewery experience" and a "Mavs v. Lakers NBA game." @GutterSkelly feels like this is a "great way to meet other GCG members and become more engaged - Gang Gang!"

The Gutter Cat Times digs the grit and hustle of @GutterSkelly and so many others in the Gang. Stay tuned for more Gutter spotlights by following @guttercattimes.

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