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Gutter Grail: Cryptohomer Gets Grey Tats OG Cat For His Queen, Thanks To Gutter Ric!

Gang Gang from the Gutter and Happy Caturday!

There's excitement on the streetz of the Gutter as cryptohomer.eth (@cryptoohomer) landed a grail Grey Tats Cat for his Queen, and she couldn't be happier!

"GMFG @GutterCatGang. Now this just makes my Friday. Huge shout out to @cryptoohomer and @gutterric for making this deal. Mr. Homer can have his #beaniegang Cat back because this dude is going in my collection. now just to find my Rat."

The new Cat is 5-Trait feline, #1102, with Grey Tats Fur, Heterochromia Yellow-Blue Eyes, Whiskers, Headphones Necklace, and Green Background.

He gifted it to his wife, Queenofhomer (@queenofhomer), who told the Gutter Cat Times, "Honestly I am pretty f***ing excited about such an iconic piece, and it fits so well with the Homer fam!"

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to Cryptohomer to hear more about the new addition to the family, and he said, "I was searching for tatted Cats and came across this dude - my favorite of all the OG Cats. I saw that Gutter Ric had it, so of course I had to reach out to him... after a few weeks, Ric gave in."

Cryptohomer added, "The Cat really resonates with the Homer fam. Our son, @KidJeweler22, has heterochromia eyes, we love jamming music, and of course the tats go hard." Another reason they acquired the Grey Tats Cat "is to use the IP rights and fur pattern with GCG Community Prints merch," their family-owned business.

Queenofhomer is repping her new Grey Grail, tweeting, "Now this Def deserves to be the new PFP. Thanks again @cryptoohomer @gutterric."

Cryptohomer is now only 1 Cat away from being a Kingpin, and said, "I'm feeling very bullish on the Gutter with everything they are working on behind the scenes."

He's "trying to build a multi-tatted full set for @queenofhomer, and looking for the perfect Gold Tats Rat," so Gang can DM Cryptohomer if they've got one they're willing to part with!

Congrats to Cryptohomer and Queenofhomer on the dope addition to the Homer Family and thanks to Gutter Ric for making it happen! Gang Gang!

Follow @guttercattimes on Twitter for more news and updates on the Gang.

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