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GCG Community Prints: Homer Family Rebrands Business

Gang Gang from the Gutter!

Kanye officially changed his name to Ye; Prince switched to a symbol.

And now the Gutter Cat Gang's family-owned source for prints has rebranded as well, becoming GCG Community Prints!

"We are excited to announce that we are rebranding to GCG Community Prints. We hope to have the website back live later tonight or tomorrow! This change reflects our commitment to providing quality prints while also prioritizing our community." The website is now live, and Gang should check it out:!

As the Gutter Cat Times reported earlier, the Homer family - Cryptohomer.eth (@cryptoohomer), Queenofhomer (@queenofhomer), and Sonofhomer (@KidJeweler22) - got into the Gutter because of the art and the community: "We really vibe with the authenticity of the people in the community," said Sonofhomer.

Since that first article, Cryptohomer's brother and Co-owner of GCG Community Prints, Blunt Doctor | 75971.eth (@GCG_BluntDoctor), has been active on Twitter, most recently running a contest to celebrate the rebrand! There's still time to enter, Gang!

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to Cryptohomer to find out more about the rebrand, and he said: "With GCG releasing the community tool kit it really made us start thinking about rebranding as we have always wanted the community to be involved in a lot of the decision making..."

As they rebrand, the emphasis on community is clear: "We want to create a community where everyone feels welcome and valued! Our new name represents our dedication to the GCG Community."

Cryptohomer said that he and his family are stoked about the GCG Road Map and the Gutter Cat Gang's future: "We are bullish on the fact that the founders and team are working hard and creating new tools and content for the community to build with...I think the tools the team is releasing for creators will help take the brand mainstream."

GCG Community Prints' new website is now live! Gang can head to to check out the Gutter products, with the new fonts, logo, and furs from the creators' tool kit! Gang MF Gang!

Excited to see the Homer family and GCG Community Prints continue to grow their business and brand alongside the Gutter Cat Gang!

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