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GUTTER GOT SOUL: GCGs AWeezy Drops New Song, "Ride Out," With LaToiya Williams & Alchemist!

Sunday's aren't just for football! They're also a time for Sunday drives and soulful songs.

Gutter Cat Gang's legendary musician, AWeezy (@AWeezyNFT) blessed the Gutter with another track yesterday, and invited everyone along for the ride!

"Its Soulful Sunday," he tweeted.

"We about to go on another run

Drop: Aweezy “Ride Out” feat. Latoiya Williams Produced by Alchemist."

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to AWeezy to find out more about the drop and his collab with renowned R & B vocalist, LaToiya Williams, and producer Alchemist.

He said, "Ride Out was an inspiring joint to make. It speaks about taking the road less traveled, and the long drive it took to where we’ve been going…which is up. But it wasn’t easy. A lot of hard work and dedication, highs and lows. Nothing comes without sacrifice."

AWeezy said that while he's collaborated with Alchemist on other tracks, this is one of his favorites in their catalogue: "I'm honored to work with him, always. You gotta put Alchemist in your top five hip hop producers. If not, you probably don’t listen to music."

He added, "Then I hit up LaToiya to do the hook. We worked on a couple joints, and her voice is special. She did hooks for Jay-Z, Snoop, Game, and her own music too. It’s a soulful song you can play on a Sunday drive, ride out to it."

The Gutter Cat Times is groovin' to "Ride Out," and the Gutter should check out this latest drop! Follow us @guttercattimes for more from Gutter's creators and all things Gutter, all the time.

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