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Gutter Golf Prizewinner: GCG Member Kehoe Scores GutterMelo NFT In U.S. Open Bracket Challenge!

The Gutter Cat Gang's scrappy side was on full display recently, with a Gutter Golf Bracket Challenge!

Over 130 participants teed up to participate, taking a swing at the grand prize: a GutterMelo NFT, redeemable for a pair of physical MB.03 kicks!

Yesterday, the Gutter Cat Gang shouted out the winner, "Big congratulations to @Pkehoe82 for winning the Gutter U.S. Open Bracket Challenge by a demanding 8 strokes and being the only entry to finish under par! If you're looking for a great way to test your golf knowledge, be sure to enter The Open Championship challenge next month."

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to kehoe.gcg.eth (@Pkehoe82) to find out about his big win and the secret to taking first place!

He told the GCT, "The win feels great. Not a big golf betting guy, but I love entering these types of events when Gutter does them, 'cause why not take a chance? Feels even better when you win a great prize like this!" Kehoe added, "I'm almost ashamed to admit I just Googled the event and read what some experts were saying. Tried to go for guys that would make the cut. Clearly it worked as I was only 1 of 2 people to have all 6 golfers make the cut."

He's stoked for the GutterMelo drop, because it exposes the Gang to web2 even more. Kehoe said, "Sneakerheads are a big group and this could open the door to NFTs for them in a big way." As a dad of 3, he said the shoes will be a cool collectors' piece to have!

Congrats on the big win, Gang! We know who to watch out for in the next Bracket Challenge.

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