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GUTTER GOES TO THE MAGIC KINGDOM: GCG Member DigitalLandbank Rocks GCG AR Filter At Disney!

The Magic Kingdom is getting a little Gutter, as this GCG member shows off his Gutter Cat Gang AR filter and strikes a pose around the park!

More stylish than a princess, this AR filter shows off Digitallandbank.eth's (@DigitalLandbank) Gutter Cat #1448, a 7-Trait feline with Bengal Tiger Fur, Halo, Stubble Beard, Tracksuit, Rainbow Shades, Thin Gold Necklace, and Blue Background.

"Exciting news, @GutterCatGang! We've officially arrived at Disney World, and guess what? We're the first-ever crew to rock a Gutter Cat AR filter here! @guttercattimes is this news worthy Ready to turn Disney magic into Gutter Cat vibes! Let's do this, Gang Gang!

@IAmMach1ne," Digitallandbank.eth (@DigitalLandbank) tweeted recently.

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to Digitallandbank to find out more about his journey in the Gang and bringing the Gutter to the Magic Kingdom.

He said, "I jumped into the Gutter Cat Gang six months back, all thanks to my buddy GutterX. The community's vibe and the incredible people I've met here are unbeatable!"

"I scored my epic filter from the talented Monk and 0xsavvy. I wanted my Gutter Cat to strut its stuff in the real world – gotta flex that Gutter charm, LOL!," he explained.

Digitallandbank told the GCT, "Disney trips are a family tradition. My son has apraxia (a type of speech disorder), so it's great to have a dose of joy with his favorite characters and make memories every year!"

Check out the memories he's making at Epcot and Disney in the pics here!

He added, "My eyes are wide open for our new CEO Noah! Excited about leveraging my IP, networking, and exploring endless possibilities. The future's looking bright for the Gang! Here's to more adventures, connections, and embracing the Gutter Cat awesomeness! Meow out!"

Right on, Gang! Exciting to see Digitallandbank using tools created within the community!

The Gutter Cat Times will continue to bring you stories from the Gutter community. Follow along @guttercattimes for all things Gutter, all the time.

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