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GUTTER GOES AR: GCG Member burningthru.eth Brings Augmented Reality To The Gutter & Beyond!

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

Get your smartphones out, Gang!

GCG member burningthru.eth (@0xsavvy) is creating AR Twitter banners that give viewers a one-of-a-kind experience, displaying rad digital images at the click of a QR code! Plus, he's building an AR/VR brand via his startup, (@webxrtools).

"Between pixels and perceptions exists a world invisible to the naked eye. Peek into the unknown," he tweeted recently, showing off an AR banner he designed. Clicking on the QR code, viewers can watch one of burningthru's NFTs in a photo shoot and swimming with colorful fish. Check it out here:

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to burningthru to find out more about his experience in the Gutter, his dev skills, and what he's building as the founder of AR/VR startup, (@webxrtools).

Introduced to the Gang by an IRL friend, he joined the Gutter in March, 2022. He explained, "I instantly felt part of the community, and over time I’ve made some great connections and friends."

While he got "initiated" into the Gang through a Clone, he said, "I’ve slowly worked my way up to an OG Cat and full set holder, and I chose the OG Cat VR trait because of my work."

Burningthru is #481 on the GCG's Gutterboard, with 1 Cat, 1 Dog, 1 Pigeon, and 1 Rat. He also holds 11 D1 Clones. Check out his dope pink background full set below!

As an engineer and developer who's been in the AR/VR industry since 2015, burningthru has created experiences for top brands across the globe. Today, as a start-up founder, he's building, making AR/VR content creation easier and more accessible.

"I built my AR banner using our tools. It leverages the 3D IP from owning @akidcalledbeast

and includes a guest appearance from KidD (created by @Mvzzi33)."

Burningthru shared that he'd love for the Gang to get involved: "The tools are available and it's free to sign up, so I encourage the Gang to check them out. The beauty of the tools is their simplicity; anyone can use them to create XR (Extended Reality) content."

Click on the QR code in the pic below to get a taste of the experience!

Burningthru told the GCT, "I’m here to support creators, and my DMs are open to anyone interested in learning more, so feel free to reach out Gang!"

Hit up this founder and creator, Gang, and see what cool ideas you can spark to life.

The Gutter Cat Times will follow burningthru as he continues to build. Follow along for this and other innovative Gutter initiatives @guttercattimes on Twitter.

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