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Gutter Glam: Final 5 Designers Announced!

Gang Gang from the Gutter!

The Puffer Fashion Showcase is heating up and a fantastic field of designs has been narrowed to the final five!

Yesterday, 4/4, Gutter Arcade tweeted, "Say 'Hello!' to the Final Five! The general public voted for their favorite #PufferFashionShowcase entries, and made their voices heard. These 5 are now in the hands of the judges' panel, and we will crown a champion THIS FRIDAY!"

As the Gutter Cat Times reported earlier, the Puffer Fashion Showcase launched in mid-March, and was open to all communities. Artists were charged with making a creative and original Puffer jacket design.

34 designs were submitted, and the Puffer Gang narrowed those to 10. Just last week, the Gutter and all communities voted, whittling the talented ten to the final five.

Gutter Arcade shouted out the finalists:

The final five designs below will now go to the judges' panel, which includes: Alfredo Settimio, @zoe_legott, @RegularRuben, and @gutterikarlee. The prizes for the top 3 winners include their designs being produced as limited edition Puffer jackets and Greater Gutter Community Gold (GGCG) tokens.

After the announcement, the Gang showed their excitement for these designers. naxeesi.eth tweeted, "Lets go fam!!!" Case said, "All such great designs! GL everyone." And wWONKAMILLION$s wrote, "Gonna be a tough one! GL to all entries!"

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to the finalists to get their reactions to being in the final 5:

thcpixie.eth (@thcpixie) said, "I’m so surprised! My husband is usually the one who wins and probably everyone expected him to be a finalist. So it’s an honor representing the back alley!"

Lane (@flues_8) shared, "Honestly, I'm still in shock and disbelief - there were so many amazing entries, and making it to top 10 alone was an honor... but top 5? With my first ever fashion design? That's just crazy...I cannot wait for the final ruling; no matter whose design ends up winning, the real, manufactured jacket will look fire." Lane credited friends for their support and encouragement, plus their testimonials.

J3sse (@b3ermoney) explained, "TBH, I'm in awe of being included with such talented fashion designers, but I have absolutely loved connecting with the community and outfitting some of the gang with my puffers! Haven't had this much fun in the space for while. Looking forward to more!"

TJ (@tjsretrowaveart) said, "I couldn’t believe it at first, but I’m so happy to see my name next to these other amazing, talented artists. I'm truly grateful for the opportunity the community created for artists in the Gang. I’ll be very happy if I win, but if I don’t I’ll be happy either way for the amazing support from the GCG community. I can’t wait to see who wins and see their design come to life."

technͭoͤvͨeͪins (@GirlWhoShivers) shared, "It feels really rad to have one of your favorite communities like what you do. I was surprised to be included, but overall extremely grateful. I hope to contribute much more that the community will love as well." She's excited to be "shown alongside all of the other awesome submissions in the contest. best of luck to everyone and gang gang!"

Good luck and Gang Gang to all five of these incredible designers! The GCG community is lucky to have your creative contributions and is cheering for each of you.

Stay tuned for more Puffer Fashion Showcase updates following Friday's announcement from the judges' panel! Follow @guttercattimes on Twitter for all the Gutter fashion.

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