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GUTTER GETS TOONED: GCG Member GutterEgg Creates Degen Gutter-Toonz PFPs For The Gang!

The Gutter Cat Gang is getting a CAT-Toonz" makeover and embracing their inner degen!

Well-known GCG doodler and artist Gutter Egg (@GutterEgg_) has been bringing Degen Toonz vibes to the TL, cookin' up Gutter-fied versions of these PFPs.

"GmGG and Happy #Caturday. These Toonz are going crazy and I love it! Thank you to everyone supporting and showing love. I got y’all with more today! So have a great weekend and stay safe. #GangGang," he tweeted earlier today, showing off the side-angle Gutter-Toonz PFPs!

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to Gutter Egg to find out more about the inspiration for these toony creations and how Gang can get in on the action!

He said, "I'm a fan of any toon art and decided that I wanted to try it on the Gutter! I found that within the Degen Toon community, there's side profile versions of their original Toonz. I've always loved their art and their community, so it just made sense to combine the two aesthetics and so far it has been a blast adding our traits to theirs!

Check out some of the Gutter-Toonz that he's transformed so far:

Gutter Egg told the GCT, "I've completed 18 so far with many more to come! If anyone wants a rendition done, they can either DM me, tag me in a post with their asset, or tag me on discord in the general chat."

He added, "Just want to say thank you to the Gang for all the support and as always Gang Gang."

The Gang is here for it, as the TL fills up with props for Gutter Egg's creations! Mach1ne.eth said, "Some people are so damn talented. Thanks @GutterEgg_," and "CK.ETH wrote, "Incredible work from the homie @GutterEgg_ GangMfGang."

The Gutter Cat Times will continue to follow the Gang's creators and artists and bring you the latest from the streets of the Gutter.

Follow along @guttercattimes for all things Gutter, all the time.

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