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Gutter Spotlight: Gang's Renowned Doodler, Gutter Egg!

Gang Gang from the Gutter, and happy Sunday!

With many in the Gang and other communities celebrating Easter, it only seemed fitting to spotlight GutterEgg.eth (@GutterEgg_), one of the Gang's talented artists and doodler "egg-xtraordinaire!"

Gutter Egg hopped into the Gutter Cat Gang around December, 2021, and rocks OG dog #134 as a PFP. It's a 5-trait, with Rotty Fur, Tie Dye Shirt, Green Eyes, Stubble, and a Yellow background.

Gang have no doubt seen Gutter Egg's doodles on the timeline, with custom 1-1s like this one for Big Lou, who tweeted, "Major shoutout to @GutterEgg_ on the new PfP. Thank you for this piece, I'll be adding to my deriv vault. Gang Gang."

Into art since childhood, Gutter Egg got into doodling back in 8th grade, making doodles on "anything from animals going on a trippy parade, to random objects in space." He started the Egg doodles for Gutter fam about 3-weeks ago, and has completed twenty-one so far!

Gutter Egg said, "It's amazing being able to work on all these assets and see people enjoy them...It's given me new confidence in my work and motivation to continue to produce more. I thank everyone for all the love and support so far and I look forward to creating many more edits." Check out some of Gutter Egg's work below:

Gutter Egg gets props from the Gang, with folks like MatCat80 (@matcat8083) tweeting, "Shout out to a real one @GutterEgg_ for reimagining my Rat King. You did an amazing job!"

For Gutter Egg, being in the Gang, means being supportive and always being there for other people: "Along with the emotional support that is provided, it’s awesome having this second family I can go to for pretty much anything."

A member of the Back Alley, a community project that includes Gutter creators like Boyds, LonelyGutter, Joubrel, and thcpixie, Gutter Egg has found supportive friends in the Gang (

Gutter Egg said, "I'd like to shout out my Back Alley brothers and sister. It's an honor and joy to work with them." Gutter Egg added that if any Gang "ever feel alone and don’t have anything to do, come stop by the Back Alley and join us for a chill session on either Discord or Twitter spaces. We love meeting new people and helping them learn about the space."

The Gutter Cat Times has seen the love from Gutter creators and friends for Gutter Egg, too. Just recently, Boyd (@_Boyds) wrote a blog post shouting out his fellow Back Alley artist and friend, Gutter Egg!

When it comes to the future of the Gang, Gutter Egg is stoked to see how far "the community can take this project and show the world what it’s like to be part of such a great group of individuals." He's also excited for the Gang to expand the streetwear presence of the Gutter, since he loves designing clothes. Gang Gang!

The Gang's lucky to have Gutter Egg among their talented creators and community contributors!

Follow @guttercattimes on Twitter for more community spotlights and Gutter news.

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