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Gutter Gainz: Get Fit With The Gang, Win Smart Ring

Gang Gang from the Gutter!

It's all about the Clubs this week in the Gutter Cat Gang, as new Clubs launched in the Collectors' Hub.

Yesterday, Gutter Dan (@gutterdan_) tweeted: "GUTTER GAINZ GIVEAWAY. Giving away an Oura Ring to a member of our new fitness-oriented club, Gutter Gainz. These smart rings track important metrics while you sleep, making it easier to improve your health. I use mine daily."

To enter the giveaway, Gang should:

1. Join the Gutter Gainz Club on Discord via the website: (Create a profile and connect your Discord if you haven’t already)

2. Post in the Discord channel using the hashtag “#GutterGainz

3. RT and Like this post.

The winner will be announced next Thursday, March 30th.

Gutter Dan added to his Tweet: "For Brownie points, share your: Fitness journey, health transformation, workout plan/routine, how this would help you, why you should win, etc. Make sure to check out all of the other clubs on our website."

On the Gutter Clubs page ( Gutter Gainz is described as "a wellness club dedicated to promoting physical and mental fitness and providing a supportive environment for individuals looking to improve their health and wellbeing."

The Gang got stoked by this opportunity, with NoFreakingTime (@NoFreakingTime) replying, "Dan trying to put a ring on it."

Others jumped in, hyped to participate. Momo (@mom02sm) tweeted, "I need to get on this." Atomik (@Atomik000) said, "LFG gang gang dan this is dope af." And DrtyMonkey.eth (@Drty_Monkey) added, "Yooooo, that would be so cool. I've been looking at these."

Get your Gutter Gainz on, Gang. Follow the instructions in Dan's Tweet for the chance to win the Oura ring, and join the club to connect with Gang who share a passion for physical and mental fitness! Gang Gang, and good luck!

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