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Gutter Did Dallas Recap: Cartoon Cat Brings Gang Together

Gang Gang from the Gutter!

Though the last couple of days in this bear market may have tested Gutter grit and made weaker groups wither, the Gang goes strong as a community and source of friendship for holders.

This was on full display over the past weekend, when a group of Gutter members met up in Dallas, Texas for two-days of fun, networking, and community building.

The Gutter Cat Times' "gang on the ground" reporter, ben (@mavsfan0041) joined the festivities and said, "the Gutter Juice was delicious and I hope we do it again soon!"

The event was organized by Bo (@Molbert_1) and Taco (@hbarbacoatacos), and brought many long time Gutter Twitter and Discord friends together in person for the first time.

Gang came from across a couple of states and converged Saturday afternoon at Oak Cliff Brewing to enjoy Gutter Juice, crafted specially for the event by Roman (@I_am_romvn) at the brewery.

Cookies made by Taco’s wife were also popular, becoming a highly sought-after collectors' item at the brewery as the Gang consumed more and more juice.

For some, the brewery meet up was a highlight. One GCG holder said their favorite part was: “everyone coming together from different paths because of a cartoon cat."

After closing out tabs, the gang trekked over to Lone Star Axe Throwing to take some frustration out on wooden targets and continued the festivities

On Sunday afternoon, the Gang met back up at Hero, a local sports bar outside of the Dallas Maverick’s American Airlines Center, for a few drinks before heading in for the 2:30pm primetime game.

While Luka and Kyrie put on a show, the Mavericks squandered a 27 point lead, and ultimately took the loss, costing several Gang holders significant sums of money.

After the game, the Gang said their "gang gang's" and went their separate ways - whether to a bar or home.

ben said, "I had a really good time the entire weekend," and he was stoked to meet up with internet friends IRL.

Gutter members also raved about the event, and the Texas Gutter squad will be looking forward to seeing old faces and new at the next event in Austin! Gang Gang!

Stay tuned for more IRL local events from the Gutter and follow @guttercattimes on Twitter for all things Gang.

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