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Gutter Dan's Tweet Sparks Sweep: "Clones Looking Kinda Froggy"

Gang Gang from the Gutter and happy Caturday!

Things are hopping around the Gutter, with hints about contaminated ponds, clones, and trilogies creating a buzz of speculation.

This evening, following a tweet by Gutter Dan that said, "That clones looking kinda froggy," GCG member M!KΞ (@mfhornjr) swept 14 Gutter clones and 6 Gutter Cat Juices.

"This tweet cost me bout 1 ETH. Thanks a lot DAN @gutterdan_GANG GANG," M!KΞ said.

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to M!KΞ about his sweep and strategy for accumulating clones and he said, "Gutter Dan said that clone looked like a frog and I'm gonna need me some frogs."

M!KΞ loaded TF up, and you can check out his newest additions below:

M!KΞ is a Gutter Cat Gang Kingpin, and #40 on the Gutterboard, according to the Collectors Hub. His full collection includes 7 OG Cats, 5 OG Rats, 4 OG Pigeons, 6 OG Dogs, 42 D1 Clones, and 33 D2 Clones. Gang MF Gang!

Congrats to M!KΞ on the latest pick ups, and can't wait to find out more about the clones - frogs connection! Maybe Dan will drop more teasers for the Gang soon.

The Gutter Cat Times will follow this froggy story and keep the Gang updated! Follow us on Twitter at @guttercattimes for all things Gutter, all the time.

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