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Gutter Clone: Hawl3y Stoked To See Similar Cat Grace GutterMelo Kicks!

Gang Gang from the Gutter!

The Gutter Cat Gang community is stoked for their collab with NBA star LaMelo Ball, especially this longtime GCG member whose Clone bares a striking resemblance to the thermal feline on the shoe!

As of late, more eyes on the sneakers led folks to point out similarities between the custom Cat gracing the GutterMelo kicks and the Clone Cat held by Hawl3y (@Hawl3y), a GCG community member and GutterFM co-host.

The other day, Hawl3y tweeted: "Recently I was asked how I felt about GCG using a custom cat on the upcoming #GutterMelo shoe that looks similar to a clone I hold. The short answer is that it feels great. I feel popular, and I have a lot of new friends now. Win-win."

We know from Gutter Ric that the sneakers were envisioned and designed long before the D2 clones came out, and that the Gutter Cat Gang "thought it was a cool Easter egg to have one of the clone fur patterns similar to the heat map shoe..."

The Gutter Cat Times followed up with Hawl3y to hear more about his excitement for the GutterMelo kicks that sport a Cat with a look similar to his.

He said, "I'm thrilled to see the Puma Sneaker release featuring LaMelo Ball and GCG! I'm hoping this partnership sparks innovative and creative ideas, along with a positive atmosphere. It's crucial for collaborations like these to highlight the real-world potential of genuine partnerships."

Hawl3y added, "I’m definitely getting a pair or two!"

As a memento of the GutterMelo kicks, Hawl3y tweeted, "I created and minted a 1 of 1 replica of the cat on the shoe to help remember this occasion. I hope the team and community approve because, from me, it is all love for the Gutter. Through thick and thin, persistence will always win."

He also told the Gutter Cat Times, "My beautiful 3T purple Cheshire Cat would be an ideal match for an LA Lakers collaboration (shout-out to @GWPnft)!"

Gang Gang, Hawl3y! We're stoked to see the GutterMelo sneakers drop and get more people socialized and onboarded to the Gutter Cat Gang!

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