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Gutter Builds Members' Brands: Mitch Seeks Content Creators' Input

Gang Gang from the Gutter and happy Caturday!

Gutter's creators are stoked by yesterday's drop of the GCG Community Toolkit, with its collection of resources to help Gang build their personal brands.

Co-Founder Gutter Mitch took to Twitter today to seek input from creators, asking: "How can Gutter Labs help content creators and spaces/podcasts hosts within our community build their personal brands?"

Gutter Cat Gang community members and creators showed up to provide suggestions.

Hawl3y, who hosts a weekly Twitter space focused on Gutter community members, responded, "The GCG Community Toolkit is a great start! I want to start a club for "Gutter Spaces" as well to build out and sustain a solid cadence. Support from GL via tweets/re-tweets and participation (speaking or listening) will go a long way too! Gang gang."

ben.gcg.eth, who has been live-streaming on Twitch his trading card pack openings, tweeted: "A centralized dashboard / calendar where people could submit their schedules for spaces/streams/podcast would be dope - that could feed a discord "reminder" channel."

And Lou.gcg.eth, a member of the Gutter's Fud-crushing Gold Jacket Gang, said, "Easy plan: retweet & promote spaces/podcasts hosted by gutter hodlers. Hard plan: show up to said spaces/podcasts and interact with the community."

Gutter's creators are excited to build with the Gang and expand Gutter's global brand. If members have additional input or feedback for how Gutter Labs can support your brand, reply to Gutter Mitch's tweet and drop any comments here, too! Gang Gang!

The Gutter Cat Times will follow this story and see how GCG's creators build brands together with the team.

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