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Gutter Bets: Puffers Put Birds On The Line For March Madness

Gang Gang from the Gutter and happy MFing Caturday! Hot off the presses, sports fans: we got a bird bet between two Puffer Gang members, r0se.puffergang.eth (@r0seNY) and @M!KΞ (@mfhornjr).

As most Gang know, the Gutter Cat Gang recently launched Gutter Clubs, a place to build and connect with like-minded people in the Gutter Community.

Well Gang isn't just building -- they're betting, too! In the Gutter Bets club, GCG member @ben.gcg.eth dropped a screenshot from the Puffer Gang's Twitter chat group.

M!KΞ (@mfhornjr) wrote, "this Dirty Bird for your white bg bird you got listed." r0se.puffergang.eth (@r0seNY) responded, "degen in me is saying yes. I'll say yes."

The Gutter Cat Times connected with M!KΞ and r0seNY to get the scoop.

M!KΞ said, "March Madness baby!! Let’s gooo!! True degen gutter style. I went to Auburn," so "made a wager of this pigeon," and "will let the play speak for itself. The Tigers will prevail over the Cougars on Caturday."

@r0seNY, on the other hand, said, "I'm thankful for his donation to my collection."

The birds at stake are M!KΞ's Gutter Pigeon #400, which is a four-trait bird, with Pink Fur, Blue-Green Eyes, Dirty Bird Shirt, on a Blue Background.

r0seNY's Gutter Pigeon bet is #2417, which is a 5-trait, and has Platinum Fur, Ballin' Eyes, a Merch Hat, Jobs Shirt, and a White Background.

The game starts at 7:10PM EST tonight, Caturday, and will be played in Birmingham, AL. Houston is favored to win, according to several well-known oddsmakers.

The Auburn Tigers are currently ranked #9 in the Midwest Region, and the Houston Cougars are ranked #1.

Stay tuned for Puffer trash talk as things get spicy tonight, with pidgys on the line! Gang Gang!

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