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Gutter Art: Get Your Gang Gang Creativity On!

Gang Gang from the Gutter and happy Friday!

Looking for a fun, interactive, post-4/20 experience with the Gang? Unleash your inner Gutter artist with Gutter Creators Club today, 4/21.

At 2:00PM PST / 5:00 EST, naxeesi.eth GutterVato (@naxeesi) will be leading a live drawing in the Gutter Cat Gang Creators Discord!

Naxeesi is one of the Gutter Cat Gang's creatives and an Admin for the Gutter Creators Club. He hopes to make these live drawing sessions bi-weekly.

Some of his work, including Gutter Aztecs and Gutter Toons can be seen here:

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to Naxeesi to find out more about this initiative.

He said, "I want to inspire other GutterFolk to create derivative art using the assets they own. I hope to live draw along other creatives or inspire those that might be pushing it off to finally take that first step."

Naxeesi will live stream this experience and use Procreate on his iPad. He added, "I forecast a lot of Gutter art coming from these sessions!"

Put your work for the day away, put some tunes on, grab your favorite party favors, and head over to Gutter Creators Discord today at 2PM PST, Gang! Let's see what you create!

The Gutter Cat Times will share art that emerges from these live drawing sessions! Follow along at @guttercattimes for the latest.

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