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Gutter Creators: New Club In The Hub

Gang Gang from the Gutter!

As the Gang community knows, The Gutter Cat Gang recently launched Gutter Clubs, a place to build and connect with like-minded people and create dope sh!t together.

One of the newest clubs is Gutter Creators, for "creatives, entrepreneurs and those who rise and grind."

GCG artist naxeesi.eth (@naxeesi) will be heading up this club, and tweeted, "We getting the keys to the Lab! Im so stoked to collaborate with the community and make some dope stuff! All creatives feel free to tap in with me, lets see what we can make. Lets get Gutter Art back on the map!

Naxeesi joined the Gang when the species mint passes dropped, and now rocks OG Gutter Cat #1607 as his PFP. It's a 7-trait Cat with Fish Scale Fur, Yellow Eyes, Makaveli bandana, Toothpick, Thin Silver Necklace, Jail Shirt, and a White Background.

The Gutter Cat Times asked Naxeesi about his plans for the Creators Club, and he said, "I'm still building a game-plan and most likely will work with Brett [Gutter Labs' Associate Creative Director] to have an even more established blueprint. Ultimately, the goal is to push IP through creativity and art; we will brainstorm and develop avenues for doing so."

Gang are excited to see Naxeesi lead the way! KevinF.eth (@KevinF_WGMI) tweeted, "Hell yea!! Great to see this! Gutter Gang is lucky to have you be part of their community."

@BigLouGutter replied, "Gold Jacket Approved," And Momo (@mom02sm) said, "So fucking well deserved, nax! Can't wait to see what you work on. Gang gang."

With all of the talented creatives in the Gang, we're excited for the Creators Club and Naxeesi to build and continue to ignite the Gang's innovative spirit! Gang Gang!

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