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Got 'Em: Gutter Cat Gang Minted Limited Edition GutterMelo Kicks Today!

The Gang "Got 'Em," today as the GutterMelo mint on OpenSea was a slam dunk!

Ever since mid-May, when the Gutter Cat Gang announced its out of this world collab with PUMA x LaMelo Ball, the Gang has been waiting for the chance to snag a pair of these heater kicks!

During mint times, GCG members picked up discounted sneakers to rock and to stock! Fuck it, we ball.

The Gutter Cat Times connected with a few GCG members to hear about their GutterMelo bags and what they're stoked about for the future of the Gang!

NoFreakingTime (@NoFreakingTime), Head of Partnerships & Projects at Gutter Labs, told the Gutter Cat Times, "This has been a long time coming for Gutter holders and the team. We've worked insanely hard on this drop to make sure that every single aspect of it was perfect. Feels so good to finally see it live. Very emotional day, but so proud."

She shared, "I picked up FIVE pairs of GutterMelos. I'll be gifting two pairs to the incredibly talented Gutter community led AAU Basketball Team, Gutter Flight."

NoFreakingTime added, "This has been the opportunity of a lifetime. I really appreciate the patience, positivity and love our community has shown us. It's an incredible moment for the brand, which our community is connected to through their Gutter membership and IP. Gang Gang!."

GCG member georgegrant.eth (@TheOneNFT) tweeted, "#GangGang, got kicks for my whole family. Thanks for the nice mint experience @opensea and shoutout to @GutterCatGang and @PUMA for organizing this."

He told the GCT, "I joined the Gang on mint day with two cats. Really loved the art, and the discord was lit. I hold over 50 GCG assets and never sold one."

"I got 6 pairs of GutterMelos, just for myself, family and friends. Really love that Gutter is making web3 history with this mint."

georgegrant.eth added, "I like that GCG follows their own path, and comes up with new ideas rather than recycling what other projects are doing. I think that the sneaker drop was a step in the right direction, and I really believe that GCG can evolve into a lifestyle and street-fashion brand."

YellowCake (@YellowCakeInc) tweeted, "What a landmark day for @GutterCat Gang and the NFT space." He joined the Gang right after the first GutterCon, and told the Gutter Cat Times, "I got hooked and just kept adding, and finally got my OG forever Cat 5 months ago." He'd love to hit KingPin status this year.

He picked up one pair of Melos and is excited for more IRL events for the Gang to vibe and network. "The energy at GutterCon was magical. I think together we can launch so many sub brands with all the creative people we have in here and take Gutter to levels we don’t even realize yet."

YellowCake said, "I've never waivered in my trust and belief in the founders. I met them in person and I know how hard it is to build a global brand from the ground up. They stayed focused and blocked out all the noise and keep delivering."

Congrats to the Gutter Cat Gang for the seamless mint, and to the Gutter holders for picking up a first of its kind digital-physical GutterMelo NFT!

The Gutter Cat Times will continue to bring you news from the Gutter and community. Follow us @guttercattimes on Twitter for all things Gang Gang all the time.

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