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Down To Business: Noah Hops in Discord For AMA With GCG Community

Just one day after inking a deal with Gutter Cat Gang Founders to take over full control of Gutter Labs' assets, Noah (@maulodream) got down and dirty in the Gutter Discord, holding two Voice Channel conversations with the Gang!

The first conversation engaged Gutter's Kingpins (KPs), holders of 5 or more OG Cats. The second included everyone in the Discord's General channel, with over 120 participants joining in the fun.

During Noah's day one discussion, Gutter Labs' new majority owner emphasized four key points: 1.unity of community, 2. business growth opportunities, 3. terms of the acquisition, and 4. next steps.

Take a look at what Noah said below:

Unity of community

Noah emphasized the importance of the Gutter community: "The Gutter isn't just another NFT project; this community cares deeply about its well-being," he said. "Every one of you that reps a Gutter PFP or tweets on Caturday means a lot. It's important to me that you're proud to rep GCG assets."

He wants to foster an environment where people from various backgrounds feel heard and can be a part of what's being built: "I want to engage the community, make sure people are taken care of, and are working towards a common goal," he explained.

Noah is seeking the community's ideas about how to engage: "I want to let people drive. I'm open to innovative and creative ideas and want to make Gutter the #1 place to vibe and consume content."

His commitment to unity of community is illustrated in his new Twitter banner, created by GCG artist Joubrel (@iamMRJOUBREL), with the phrase, "Stand together, stand a chance," displayed prominently. (see below)

Business growth opportunities

Noah said, "I believe in the Gutter IP. GCG is special, and we all have a little Gutter in us. Some of us started in difficult situations, and we're hustling. I want to create ways to build businesses and give holders a platform. IP and licensing are the future."

He highlighted the prior partnerships that Gutter activated, including those with PUMA and OpenSea, and said, "I'm going to be taking calls with these partners soon and can envision multiple way to build off of what the founders started and grow business opportunities."

Noah also pointed out opportunities to bridge to web2, including growing the GCG's Instagram followers, spotlighting Gutter artists, exploring collectibles, and increasing the GCG's exposure: "I want us to experiment," he shared. "We all want what's best for the brand and I'm going to protect its longevity."

Terms of the acquisition

While some details remain confidential, Noah said, "We spent a lot of time over the last month and 1/2 putting this deal together, with me explaining that I'm the right person to do this. The founders are excited about how the community has reacted."

Specifically, he stated: "I own the majority of the new LLC. The founders have a passive stake, and no official roles or decision making. I have full accountability and day to day management, and I'm holding future shares for future employees."

Noah may seek the founders' counsel because "there are ideas they had in motion that are cool," but he also wants to "consider the why" for all decisions.

He added, "I'm excited as hell to show up in this space every day and create the infrastructure for us to move forward."

Next steps

Noah said that "there's a lot to get his arms around," and he's bullish on the brand long term to bring in revenue and grow.

To move forward short and longer term, he will:

  • join Twitter spaces throughout the week and have a spaces schedule

  • increase transparency and communications in Discord and Twitter

  • engage in AMAs (Ask Me Anything) with the community

  • divide his time between calls with partners, put a lean team in place, tend to details of the LLC development, and learn more about the GCGs operations to lay a strong foundation

Longer term possibilities also popped up when community members asked about DNA3 Clones. Noah said, "I fucking love clones - the art is awesome. But, dilution is a challenge. We need to look at the D3 Clones and do something special to bring back interest. As the community grows, I'd love to experiment."

The community was stoked for the conversation, with GCG members chatting that they're "bullish," and ready to rep the Gang.

eLBizzle.eth (@ml_bizzle), a GFM (GutterFM) Twitter space host, told the GCT, "The overall energy and vibes in the Discord feel like the Gutter I loved when I initially joined. I think it’s clear it will take time to put things in place and get this thing really humming, but just the clarity and transparency is a massive step in the right direction."

Stay tuned to Gutter Cat Times for more on this transition. Follow us @guttercattimes on Twitter for all things Gang Gang, all the time.

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