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CLOSING TIME: Gutter Cat Gang Clone Machine Shutting Down! Find Out More Here & Get Info From Today's Space With Mayor Noah:

The Gutter Cat Gang is pulling the plug on the Clone Machine!

It's the last call to make Clones, as the GCG first announced on New Year's day that the Clone Machine would be permanently closing down on 1/13/2024.

Today, the GCG tweeted, "Final reminder: Today is the last day to make Clones. The Clone Machine is closing tomorrow. DNA 2 Piebald Fur."

In an X Space earlier today, 1/13, Mayor Noah said, "It's the last day of the Clone Machine. I don't know how people feel - rejoice, sadness - but it's time to move on to the next chapter. It's time to take some action and move this brand forward."

He added, "We're coming up on the first larger initiative or activation. We're trying to give clarity to the different assets and ways to collect, and give purpose to PFPs. The next message that we put out is going to have all of the details."

While those details are cookin' the Gang community took to the TL to show off their D1 and D2 Clones! Check out the tweets below:

During the Space, Mayor Noah also explained that the Clone Machine will be open all day today: "We were going to keep it open all of today, and take a cautious approach tomorrow. We'll shut it down mid-late morning for any last people who want to use it."

While hanging out during the space, Noah explained that GCG wants to create content and products for traditional audiences using the IP of the community and the project. He said that for the upcoming activation, he's been "creating, building, and stacking" content and animations that will emerge shortly.

Go roll your Juices, free roll, and get in while the machine's up and running!

The Gutter Cat Times will follow the Gutter's next activations and updates on the all things Gutter. Follow along @guttercattimes for all the Gang Gang news, all the time.

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