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AIN'T CLONING AROUND: GCG Drops New Year's News That The Clone Machine Is Closing! Find Out More:

2024 is kicking off with a bang for the Gutter Cat Gang!

Clones made the "not hot" list this year, as the GCG announced in a 5-part tweet that the Clone Machine will be closing soon.

"Public Service Announcement: Gutter Scientists are shutting down the Clone Machine permanently in 2 weeks. 01/13/24 will be the last day to create Clones," the Gutter Cat Gang tweeted yesterday, showing a video with the "Keep It Gutter," track and a shot of the infamous cloning contraption.

The GCG's thread provided additional information about next steps for the Gutter, explaining that the "experiments" with Clones have been promising, and a "new solution is coming in January, 2024."

GCG's post suggested that shutting down the Clone Machine will be a positive change for Gutter City, and that both Clones and Gutter Juices will continue to have a role to play in 2024.

According to the tweet, the Gutter Cat Gang will hold Spaces on X for the Gutter Community that will include giveaways, opportunities to roll Juices, and create "the final Clones from the machine."

The tweet also mentions that this is "Phase 1," of "Clean Up the Gutter," indicating that additional phases will be revealed.

After GCG's tweet, the Gutter community showed up on Twitter with excitement and questions, some of which were answered by the Gutter Cat Gang. For instance, Jonnie King asked what would happen to Juices: "Is it better to use them or else will they lose all value?"

The GCG replied, "New uses for juices will be introduced...the first will be ready in Q1, 2024." Check out the full reply below:

Additionally, Big Lou commented, "So no D3..." and the Gutter Cat Gang responded, "Don't rule out D3."

The next Gutter City Assembly is scheduled for January 3rd at 8PM ET, and the Gutter Cat Times will bring the community the latest updates on the Clone Machine and any emerging details.

Stay tuned to @guttercattimes on X for all things Gutter, all the time.

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