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"CATS HAVE NINE LIVES": Yugen Announces $GANG AirDrop Of 66,666 Gutter Tokens Per GCG OG Cat! Find Out More From Today's Discord Announcement Here:

There are only 3,000 Gutter Cats, and each fabulous feline will get their paws on 66,666 $GANG tokens! Now that's something to 'meow' about!

Today on X and in Discord, the Gutter Cat Gang's owner, Yugen (@YugenLBS), shared updates about $GANG token allocations for Cat holders.

"Only 3,000 Cats. 66,666 $GANG each thanks to Gutter Token Ltd." he tweeted, showing a graphic that included the details such as: "one billion $GANG," "20% to GCG holders of 3k Cat NFTs," number of tokens per Cat, and % vested.

As the Gutter Cat Times previously reported, on June 8th, Yugen indicated that a few $GANG things were in the works for the community, and they would launch shortly.

On June 10th, Gutter Flip went live, giving the Gutter community the chance to earn Gutter Chips in a double or nothing game.

At that time, Yugen told the GCT, "We're feeling good about showing our ability to continuously deliver on what we say we ‘might’ do. Casino style games is what we want to do in future with @GutterBet, so this is our first show of product."

Today, in the GCG Discord, Yugen announced additional details about $GANG and the team's progress (see full message below):

  • The team is still assisting on developing $GANG, and "launch is still scheduled for June/July. More likely in July."

  • They are negotiating a partnership "with a separate entity..for a regulated gambling license." The casino would "provide liquidity to $GANG in exchange for the Gutter Cat Gang brand (Gutter Bets."

  • He indicated that there are drawbacks: "CEXs do not like or interact with gambling." He welcomes Cats thoughts on this.

Yugen underscored the precarious state of the NFT market, noting that they've shared no promises or guarantees. He said, "we may need to do extreme pivots along the way."

However, he highlighted the upside: "We have thousands of users of Gutter Grab," plan to market Gutter Token with a well-known industry partner, and will launch Gutter Pick next week (likely)."

"Luckily, cats have nine lives," he added. FIWB (fuck it, we ball).

The Gutter Cat Times will continue to following the $GANG token, launch of the Gutter Pick game, and bring you updates from the streets of the Gutter.

Follow us @guttercattimes on X for all things Gutter, all the time.

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