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Cast Your Vote: Put $Apecoin in Gutter PFP Paws!

The Gutter is getting a little swampy!

There's still time to vote to get $Apecoin into the furry paws of Gutter Cat Gang PFPs!

As the Gutter Cat Times reported earlier, Bored Apes Javier Lovato (@JavierLocato127) and Meirav (@MeiravHaber) created an initiative to include 5 communities in an ApeCoin command on @BoredApeNotBot.

Just click on the tweet below and "like" Meirav's Gutter Cat, #2129, a 5-trait feline with Bengal Fur, Whiskers, Blue Glowing Eyes, Silver Chains Necklace, and a Blue Background.

Javier and Meirav created the online generator Bored Ape Not Bot, an automated system that dresses users PFPs in various styles, and it's become a favorite go-to in the Ape community. Their goal is to promote $ApeCoin and the DAO to other communities.

Javier told the Gutter Cat Times, "@MeiravHaber and I have been making art for the Ape community through the bot for a while and thought this was a perfect opportunity to expand to other communities. We're planning to pick the top 5 this Saturday so we have time to build them into the bot by the end of this month."

Check out Meirav's Cat showing off its $Apecoin below!

Voting closes at 4:20PM PST today / 7:20PM ET.

Head over to the tweet below and show your Gutter love!

The Gutter Cat Times will follow this story and bring you news about the winning communities. Follow along @guttercattimes for all things Gutter, all the time.

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