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GUTTER GOES $APE: Vote To Put $ApeCoin In GCG's Paws!

It's beginning to feel a little swampy in the Gutter!

As part of a recent initiative by Bored Apes Javier Lovato (@JavierLocato127) and Meirav

(@MeiravHaber), the Gutter Cat Gang has the chance to flash $ApeCoin in their pretty little paws! Voting ends Saturday, 9/9 at 4:20PM PST, so get on it, Gang.

Yesterday, Javier tweeted, "ApeCoin fam we need your help! Our @ThankApe proposal was passed on @nounsprophouse and now it's time to vote on which 5 communities will receive an ApeCoin command on @BoredApeNotBot. Cast your votes below by liking your favorite images, or commenting/listing your top 5."

He included images of 10 communities' PFPs holding $ApeCoin, including Meirav's Gutter Cat #2129, a 5-trait feline with Bengal Fur, Whiskers, Blue Glowing Eyes, Silver Chains Necklace, and a Blue Background.

Javier and Meirav created the online generator Bored Ape Not Bot, an automated system that dresses users PFPs in various styles, and it's become a favorite go-to in the Ape community.

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to Javier to get the inside scoop on the proposal and voting process.

He said, "@MeiravHaber and I have been making art for the Ape community through the bot for a while and thought this was a perfect opportunity to expand to other communities. We're planning to pick the top 5 this Saturday so we have time to build them into the bot by the end of this month."

"We want to give people unique art to share and engage with each other on Twitter, and visually say that $ApeCoin and the DAO are not just for Apes," he added.

$ApeCoin (@apecoin) is a utility and governance token created to empower the community surrounding the $Ape ecosystem and is an outgrowth from the Bored Ape Yacht Club.

See below for examples of what the @BoredApeNotBot $Apecoin PFPs look like!

With this proposal, titled "Thank Ape: Spreading ApeCoin Worldwide," Javier and Meirav will create art for each collection selected, which requires drawing all of the unique hands or paws, and creating different fur or skin types for each collection.

They're hoping to "honor the individuality of diverse communities" and create a sense of belonging while also spreading the word about $Apecoin.

The Gutter Cat Gang has until tomorrow, 9/9 to cast their votes! Head over to the tweet below and get in on the action to get $Apecoin into GCG's paws.

The Gutter Cat Times will follow this initiative and update the community on the outcome of the vote. Stay tuned to @guttercattimes on Twitter for more from the streetz and the Gutter.

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