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BURN BONUS: Yugen Announces Gutter Grab Bonus For Incinerating D2 Juices & D2 Clones! Find Out More Here:

Gutter Cat Gang's owner, Yugen, is adding fuel to the fire for the upcoming Gutter Grab burn!

Two days ago on April 21st, he announced the launch of "Operation Reduce Supply" to decrease the number of Gutter Juices and Clones, and add Gutter chips to people's pockets.

Today, he threw some extra spice into the mix: "We are adding in bonuses for D2 Juice burn and D2 Clone burns on Gutter Grab. Engineering has it sorted and it will be implemented in time. We listen, we consider and take action when needed. more details on what the bonus is, closer to the date," he tweeted.

As the Gutter Cat Times reported earlier, Yugen and his team opened for short cycles as part of a step-by-step acquisition strategy to revitalize the Gutter, get attention, and reduce supply.

Though initially no distinction was made between burning D1 or D2 Juices and Clones, Yugen told the GCT that hearing community feedback was a catalyst for him to add the bonus for D2s: "We are active and open to change where required and want to work with the community," he said.

Check out some rad D2s below:

According to Yugen's recent video, Juices and Clones can be burned in batches of 3, 5, 10, 25, 50, or 100.

Yugen told the Gutter Cat Times, "Juices and clones can only be burned separately, so if you have 8 clones and 3 juices you’d have to burn 5 clones, 3 clones, and 3 juices."

As shared in the video, each batch of Clones and Juices equals a certain amount of Gutter chips (see below). We don't yet know what the D2 bonus will be.

3 Juices or Clones Burned = 24,750k Gutter Chips

5 Juices or Clones Burned = 47,500k Gutter Chips

10 Juices or Clones Burned = 110k Gutter Chips

50 Juices or Clones Burned = 650k Gutter Chips

(and so on, Yugen said.)

The Gutter Cat Gang community was stoked to hear the update about the bonus for burning D2 Clones and Juices!

KODR replied, "Boss," and BULLFATHER added, "That's all we ask."

The Gutter Cat Times will bring you updates on the April 28th burn, which will launch at 8PM BST (3 PM EST).

Stay tuned for more news from the Gutter by following us @guttercattimes on X for all things Gang Gang all the time.

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