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BACK AT IT: GCG Member & DJ NaNa JJ. Drops Second Track From Upcoming EP! Find Out More Here:

Get your Gutter groove on!

Gutter Cat Gang member NaNa JJ (@Nana4Music) is bringing more beats to the GCG community, dropping a dope second track that follows an earlier single.

"The Gang has voted clearly! Enjoy the Sneak Peak of Track No.2 from my first EP which will be released in March/April. NaNa JJ - Black Mesa Transport," he tweeted today.

As the Gutter Cat Times previously reported, NaNa JJ has been a professional DJ for over 20 years, and would love to do a web3 mint with Gutter Records, which is a key reason he joined the Gutter. He said, "The vibes are amazing and I found my web3 home."

NaNa JJ told the GCT that this latest track, Black Mesa Transport, was inspired while playing live at the Amsterdam Dance Event: "I mixed these vocals live with a track from the record label Watergate. The crowd went fire and so I decided to create a whole track around the vocal from the intro of Half Life!"

He added, "I know that in the Gutter a lot of artists, members, and leadership are working hard on bunch of stuff, so the Black Mesa Transport is a song for everyone who hustles to fulfill their vision, personally or within the Gutter."

Check out the Half Life intro here: and then give NaNa JJ's Black Mesa Transport a listen in his tweet!

NaNa JJ explained, "This track will be released together with the Song YaYa-Tribe in March/April." The GCG community and others will be able to stream the songs on all streaming platforms.

He added, "You'll also have the opportunity to buy the extended DJ versions through common platforms like Beatport and iTunes. In addition, I plan a limited vinyl run, so stay tuned how to get those in the future!"

NaNa JJ shared that he's looking for more Gutter Artists to collab on cover art and Spotify canvas videos: "It's a great opportunity to enhance our brand value, reach, and the individual artist's reach."

He also shared an exclusive Mixtape, Back2Basics, which you can listen to here:

Congrats on this latest groove, Gang! The Gutter Cat Times will continue to follow NaNa JJ's music and future drops, and bring you the latest news and updates!

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