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GUTTER DJ: GCG Member NaNa J. Music Drops Track For The Community To Groove To! Find Out More Here:

This Gutter Cat Gang member is bringing beats to the Gutter!

Get your dancing shoes on, 'cause NaNa J. Music (@Nana4Music), who's been a DJ for over 20-years, is keeping the vibes on high and sharing them with the Gang!

"I am ready with this track, enjoy the sneak peak!" he tweeted recently, showing off a track and video he created.

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to NaNa, who goes by NaNa JJ professionally, to find out more about his time in the Gutter and what he's building with his art.

"I joined the Gang roughly 6 month ago, first with Clones, then an OG Rat, and finally my OG Cat," he explained.

NaNa told the GCT, "A dream of mine is to do a web3 mint with Gutter Records, which is another reason I joined the Gutter. The vibes are amazing and I found my web3 home. I'm grateful for all of the people who are already supporting and who want to collab in the future to really push our brand awareness through music."

Gutter Records' is stoked, too, quote tweeting NaNa's tweet, "Love to see others in the Gutter creating. There's a lot of artists hungry for more & there's an immense amount of talent out there. We'd love to hear music from anyone in the space who's actively pursuing their dreams."

NaNa prefers the old school way of playing vinyls, but has adapted to the times and DJs with digital tracks now: "DJing with technology is way easier than with vinyls!"

Though he's been in a corporate career during the past 18 months, he's decided to get back to music: "To relieve my soul," he shared.

"In the past, I played in the most important clubs in Germany, but I moved to Amsterdam so I'm starting the grind again." He's working on additional tracks to get back in the music and DJ industry.

The idea for this latest track came as he was creating it: "I found this beautiful Nigerian vocal. I thought, 'This is it, and the rest was the creativity which just flew in.'"

NaNa's working to boost his Instagram presence, and the Gutter Cat Gang can check it out and follow here:

He's planning to release his Gutter Branded tracks on Spotify and include 30-60 second videos for the releases. If there are GCG members who are interested in helping, definitely hit him up!

"My goal is to share royalties with the Gutter Cat family, and open a new stream of income, as well as do a web3 mint of my tracks, where people will receive all the sound files and the track to do their own remixes," he explained.

He added, "Watch out because GeEk MyTh (@GeEkMyTh_ETH) and I are working on a special Gutter track, stay TUNED!"

The Gutter Cat Times will continue to follow NaNa's tracks and bring the latest updates and news to the Gutter.

Follow along @guttercattimes on X for all things Gutter, all the time.

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