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Art & Arcade Twitter Space: Gutter's Unstoppable Forces Of Nature That Can't Be Fucked With

Gang Gang! Today the Gang community showed their Gutter love with a Valentine's Day Twitter Space to highlight Demar Douglas, a Gutter artist, and amplify the Gutter Arcade's Community First initiative.

GutterBeats.eth emceed the Space, and Demar - the painter of dreams - explained that at a young age, he knew he wanted to be an "unstoppable force of nature that can't be fucked with." That Gutter grit meant that he developed his skills across various mediums: oil painting, pencil-paper, digitals, and sometimes sculpting. This multi-hyphenated artist has worked to "fluidly navigate and create" regardless of circumstances.

His style ranges from realistic to cartoon-ish, and he has been merging the world of art and hip-hop, as seen in his various pieces. Demar is also working on children's books with Kloudscape Studios, with topics as diverse as dogs, space adventures, and multi-racial story lines.

Based in Arizona, he as an event coming up in the next few months that will include musicians, poets, and a curated show. Demar also plans to launch a competition for a free print in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned. Gang Gang! Follow @DemarDouglas1 on Twitter and check out his work at:

Another unstoppable force of nature that can't be fucked with, @r0seNY hopped in the space to share updates on the Gutter Arcade, a Puffer Gang x Community First initiative to bring fun and value to the Gutter community and others.

@r0seNY teased that there is a "sponsor" for the next game, and "if you had an iPhone early on, you'll recognize this game and it will hit you with a level of nostalgia you're not ready for." He said that @Velcrafting and @KenMalibuArt have been helping with development and are aiming to move from the puzzles to the arcade, and now into the 21st Century. They are working to "make sure there's something for everyone."

@r0seNY also dropped some alpha about the Gutter Arcade lab picture, posted on 2/13. He pointed out that the inclusion of The Alien Boy and Bored Apes "opens up our community," and hinted at "others" who are involved. He said there's a "big old coin" that everything is centered around," and mentioned a "bowl of coins," in the back that will be tied in. The "Vegas plane keeps showing itself," and will come into play soon. And, there is an ETH and BTC hat as prizes in the near future.

Key to this initiative, @r0seNY said, are "the people to push us to the next level." Instead of a high dollar web3 venture, the Community First group x Puffers have worked to "open up to the community," and see "the community has started providing additional value. They're sharing, liking, re-tweeting," and shouted out @GutterPrints for providing a prize.

His "call to action" to the Gutter community is to "do what you can," tie people together, and share -- music, art, animation. He mentioned @naxeesi, @iamMRJOUBREL, @TomWagmi, @GutterFlight, @W0rmiOo, @MoneyPlaneIdol, @jaybirdNFT, and others developing things for the community: "we are much bigger than the Smart contract...the people here matter before anything else matters."

Unstoppable forces of nature that can't be fucked with. Showing up every day and putting in the work with hustle and grit. @GutterBeats will continue to host spaces and invites folks from the community to DM him. Follow @guttercattimes on Twitter for more Gutter news and updates. Gang Gang!

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