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YKTFV: GCG Members Are Looking Cool And Staying Warm In Their Exclusive Orange Beanies!

The streets and alleys of the Gutter are getting chilly, and beanies are back in Gutter City's wardrobes both on the timeline and IRL!

Over the past week, GCG members have been getting a special delivery from RoiiDz (@RoiiDzz), leader of the Beanie Gang, and showing off the goods on the TL!

“YOU KNOW THE FUCKING VIBES,” Spike tweeted recently. "Shoutout to @RoiiDzz & the Beanie Gang for this dope Orange Beanie!!! Just in time for Hoodie/Beanie SZN & @mauloadream’s Gutter takeover #YKTFV#GangGang." Check out the YKTFV beanie and stickers in the link here:

RoiiDz is stoked for the new Mayor and vibes in the Gang: "Loving everything so far with the takeover," he told the Gutter Cat Times. "The transparency and communication and vibes are all back!"

"As far as Beanie Gang, we’re working on a few things revolving around physical merch, tech, art and music. We're identifying people's crafts and empowering them to build alongside under the umbrella of Beanie Gang!" he said.

There's definitely excitement as You Know The Fuckin' Vibes (YKTFV) beanies make their way to Gutter members and show tf up on the TL!

"Shout out to @GutterCatGang #beanieGang! my man @RoiiDzz hooked it up. Superdope, once a beanie always a beanie. Gang MF Gang," tweeted Sean6982.nft.

"You Know The F’n Vibezzz!!! BEANIE GAAANG S/O @RoiiDzz," said M!KΞ | AktivApe @AktivApe.

Check out the orange beanie love below:

RoiiDz told the Gutter Cat Times earlier, "The hope for the Beanie Gang is to build dope stuff for the community, by the community whether it’s beanies or other things..." He wants to help the Beanie Gang bring value and excitement to the Gutter.

The Gutter Cat Times will continue to follow the Beanie Gang's vibe, and bring news to the Gutter community.

Follow along @guttercattimes on Twitter, for all things Gutter, all the time.

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