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WINTER IS COMING: GCG Member Galavis Will Showcase His Art At Beeple's Crypto Winter Wonderland!

Baby, it's cold outside, but the Gutter is heating up!

Gutter Cat Gang member Galavis (@FedericoGalavis) is throwing gas on the fire with his recent acceptance to showcase his art at Beeple's Crypto Winter Wonderland, taking place on December 16th at Beeple Studios!

He recently tweeted, "gm gm I guess we are going to Charleston. LFG @beeple," and showed off his notice of congratulations to attend the event, which is described both as a "come say 'fuck it to 2023' and as a 'testament to the resilience and camaraderie inherent in the crypto and NFT communities.'"

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to Galavis to find out more about his time in the Gang, artwork, and Beeple's Winter Wonderland.

He said, "I joined the Gang because of its vibrant, unapologetic artistic and active community. A community thriving strong together to build a decentralized foundation of support to its members - it's the Gang."

He recently celebrated his two-year "Gutterversary" and is the proud holder of the Purp BG set below! Check it out:

Galavis told the GCT that he grew up in Caracas, Venezuela and now lives in LA. His art is modernist, and influenced by his upbringing and his home country.

He added, "I also believe in the transformative potential of blockchain technology, and I've been in the web3 space since September 2021."

Galavis's art has been featured in exhibitions held throughout the United States, including: the City of Malibu in partnership with Malibu Cultural Arts Commission; the St Regis Hotel in Aspen, and in private collections in Europe, the US, and the Middle East. Check out a few of his pieces below:

He's excited to attend the event at Beeple's Studio in December, and if there are any Gutter in the area or planning to attend, connect with Galavis!

You can find out more about his art here: and on IG: @galavisgalavis.

Gang Gang, and congrats on showcasing your work at Beeple Studios!

The Gutter Cat Times will continue to follow Gutters' creators and artists and bring you news on all things Gutter, all the time. Follow us @guttercattimes for more from the community!

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