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Who Let The Dogs Out?: GCG Community Member Sweep Gives 7 Lucky Dogs A New Home!

Gang Gang from the Gutter!

This Gutter Cat Gang community member gave seven good dogs a new home yesterday, picking up a bunch of heater canines!

shariq_eth scored with these Gutter scoops, adding to an extensive collection of Gutter assets!

Let's check out the Crew:

Gutter Dog #1310 is a 7-Trait canine, with Fish Scale Fur, Green Eyes, Gold Stud Earring, American Bandana, Joint Mouth, Finnesse Shirt, and a Pink Background. This good boy was purchased for .140 ETH.

Horny Hat #1544 is a clean 5-Trait Gutter Dog, with Grey Fur, Blue Eyes, Stubble Beard, Horny Hat, and a Green Background. He went home for .2 ETH.

#2935, is another 7-Trait Gutter Dog, with Camo Fur, Blue-Green Eyes, Stubble Beard, Sicko Hat, Thick Silver Necklace, 754 Shirt, and a Pink Background. This tough doggo sold for .16 ETH.

Gutter Dog #1578 is a 6-Trait canine with Color Tats Fur, King Louis Eye, Horny Hat, HODL Shirt, Silver Chains Necklace, and White Background. This grail went for .6 ETH

Gutter Dog #2136 is another awesome Fish Scale fur, and a 5-Trait dog. He rocks Green Eyes, Cig Mouth, Flames Shirt, and a Blue Background. He sold for .14 ETH

The suited-up beauty is #1607, another 5-Trait Gutter Dog. He's got Dark Camo Fur, Blue Glowing Eyes, Jimmy Hat, Presidential Suit, and a Yellow Background. This guy was picked up for .19 ETH

#1595 is a 7-Trait doggo, with Brown Fur, Gutta Goggles, Gold Hoop Earring, Purple Makaveli, Cig Mouth, Black Tank Shirt, and a Purple Background. This guy went home for .16 ETH.

shariq911 (@shariq911) is crushing it on the Gutterboard in a number of categories: he holds 9 Rats, 7 Dogs, 98 D1 Clones (holy smokes!) and 7 D2 Clones. He has 121 total Gutter assets!

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to shariq911 but hadn't heard back at the time of publication.

Congrats on the rad new additions to your collection! Gang Gang!

Follow us @guttercattimes for more info on scoops, sweeps, the community, and more from the Gutter!

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