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What's Next?: Something's Sizzling At Gutter Arcade x Community First

Something sizzling in the Gutter! It's on the burner and the heat's getting turned up.

Gutter Arcade has been bringing fun and games to the community since its launch in January, and now MagnumAPI is tossing out hints at a new activation, and pointing the Gutter Cat Times to some clues.

He recently tweeted, "Rewarding early adopters and allowing trade-ins can enhance the value of forgotten NFTs by giving access to a membership system that values its community!" Highlighted in blue is "tokensUsedForUpgrading."

A few days after MagnumAPI's tweet, Gutter Arcade tweeted, "Responsible community members clean up FUD. DO NOT RECYCLE FUD!! The only thing worse than fresh FUD, is the recycled variety. That being said.. recycling is a great thing, even for NFTs. Please recycle."

Recycle. Trade-ins. tokensUsedForUpgrading. We smell a theme, Gang.

And hittman, Gutter's #1 largest Cat holder does, too: "Reward. Trade-ins. Access. Membership. Community." he replied to MagnumAPI's tweet.

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to r0seNY and MagnumAPI for more insights.

r0seNY said, "Following along with Magnum's threads is the best advice I could give." He added that the "recycling tweet" above could be considered "breadcrumbs."

MagnumAPI told the GCT: " I can't share the name yet, but it will be innovative and disruptive." He said that this unnamed project (let's call it Xxx) is built on principles of blockchain technology and "aims to cultivate a diverse, inclusive, and innovative global community."

He added that there will be a "Proof of Contribution mechanism and ClubToken rewards," and that Xxx will "recognize the value of each member's contributions" while encouraging engagement, networking, collaboration, and personal development.

Gutter Arcade pictures like the one above have included a coin with a Gutter Cat, a triangle symbol that says, "Community Online," with a look similar to the AOL Online icon, and signs saying, "Wen Coin?" and "Stop the FUD."

The latest tweet from Gutter Arcade - moments ago - says, "Our entire purpose has been to create with the community, for the community. That goal never faded, it instead has become fortified. What's next?"

The replies to the tweet point to another emerging theme: "Next." Though we don't yet know what this means, we'll stay on the case to connect the dots!

Though no date is set as of yet for an official next activation, MagnumAPI told the Gutter Cat Times that June is possible.

The Gutter Cat Times will continue bring you the news on this emerging community initiative as we find out what's next!

Stay tuned and follow @guttercattimes for all things Gutter, all the time.

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